Below are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to

Contact to provide your order number and updated shipping address / phone number. And please give us a detailed address, because FedEx can't ship to Po box address.

We have a small team and experience high traffic in support. We usually reply within 48 hours. Don't worry if you haven't responded for more than 48 hours, the emails may be in your spam, please check first; Or please resend us.
For custom products, we must first confirm the final design draft with the customer before arranging the production. The production cycle is 1-2 weeks.
All color keycaps are developed by our factory.
Orders ship from China.
We have two shipping methods:

Standard Shipping & FedEx.

Standard Shipping Time: 7-15 days.

FedEx Shipping Time: 5-8 days.

Manufacturing is the first step. It can be delayed by communications issues (language barriers), slow factories (bigger customers take over time slots), technical problems (uncommon), and shipping / parts delivery issues (customs clearance can be messy).

Shipping is the second step. Things begin with packing and labeling. Once at the warehouse, check-in begins. Every item must be counted and inventoried. And then we will repacking them and ship them by FedEx.

In group buys, you pre-purchase a unique product with a group so it can be manufactured. This helps to create small-batch and custom items that otherwise wouldn't get made, but delivery can take a long time (estimates will be provided). If the group buy fails to meet minimum order quantity, all orders containing the item(s) are cancelled and refunded.
If you want to cancel the group purchase order, please contact us in advance, if the product is in production, then we can contact the factory to cancel the order, but if the product has been picked up by FedEx, we are sorry that we cannot cancel the order, and for this reason, we do not provide free return the goods

Packages must clear customs. Sometimes that can take times on its own, especially during major holidays.

You can track the item from

Because the keycap sets are a collection of a large number of keycaps, they need to be designed with element patterns, which will take more time and be more troublesome to make.
Over $59 is free shipping.
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