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Hello from Keygeak! 

We are a team of keyboard enthusiasts. We want to create more distinctive keycaps or other related accessories. All cherry profile keycaps colors are designed by ourselves and developed by ourselves. And we believe that everyone has the possibility to create, and we want to provide a platform to help them realize their value. Let customers feel that typing is a kind of happiness. Our goal is to help all levels of enthusiasts, from the beginners to veterans, achieve that next level.

We are continually onboarding new and interesting product from keyboards, keycaps,etc. we're here to help you upgrade your keyboard. We guarantee excellent quality and fast production efficiency, hoping to give consumers (our friends) the best service.

We will also absorb your suggestions to create better brand effectiveness.

 Our Location:

Address: 400 N Commercial Street, Thomasboro Illinois 61878, United States

Phone: +1 9097474129


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