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【GMK keycaps color classification】2021-2022 Red/Orange

This article aims to help you find your favorite keycaps and learn excellent color matching and does not constitute any purchasing advice. The collection in this issue is red, covering all gmk keycaps of gb from 2021 to 2022. If there are any omissions, you can add them in the comments. The ranking order is entirely random.

1. GMK Blossom

2. GMK Camping R3

3. GMK Cluck

4. GMK Diner

5. GMK Gateway

6. GMK Handarbeige

7. GMK Handarbeit Basis

8. GMK Harvest

9. GMK Higanbana

10. GMK Hinokoku

11. GMK Houhai

12. GMK Infernal

13. GMK Liftoff

14. GMK Matsu

15. GMK Nachtarbeit Basis

16. GMK Pepperoni

17. GMK Red Alert


18. GMK ReForged

19. GMK Slasher

20. GMK Sparta

21. GMK Sunset Surfing

22. GMK TeraDrive

23. GMK Villanelle

24. GMK WoB Red Cyrillic

This article aims to help you (including myself) find your favorite keycaps, learn excellent color matching, and does not constitute any purchasing advice.

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