KG路DEMO [2000] Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard

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The DM100 2000 Mechanical keyboard is inspired by the "Y2K Style".
The whole set of keyboards adopts the classic Y2K color scheme - black and pink, with graphic elements and exaggerated fonts in line with the millennium. So this keyboard is named "2000". We will also sell this set of keycaps separately, you can click the link to get them if you are interested in the keycap set only.

Switches Type Specifications
LEOBOG Graywood V3 Linear Actuation force: 40g +- 3g
Bottoming Out: 53g +- 3g
Actuation Distance : 1.5mm +- 0.3mm
Total Distance: 3.7mm +- 0.3mm
Total Lifetime: 60 million presses
Material: Top PC | Bottom Nylon | Stem POM
Sound Profile: Clack
Gateron Yellow Linear 50 CN operating force
2.0 mm pre-travel
4.0 mm total travel
Plate mount 3pin
MX stem
Kailh Box Jade Clicky Plate Mount
Actuation: 2mm
Bottom: 3.6mm
Operating Force: 50g
Bottom Out Force: 60g
Price: $0.35 per switch
TTC Gold Pink Linear Operating force: 37卤5gf
Pre-travel: 2.0卤0.3mm
Totaltravel: 4.0-0.3mm
Duration: 100millionkeystrokes
Switchingvoltage: 2~12VDC
Switching current: 10渭A~10mADC

TTC Quick Silver


Initial force: 39gf
Operating force: 45卤4gf
Pre-travel: 1.08卤0.4/-0.2mm
Total travel: 3.4-0.4mm
Duration: 100 million press


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  • Which one of the switches are the most quiet?

    TTC Gold Pink and Gateron Yellow.
    The sound of both of them is relatively small.

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