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【GMK keycaps color classification】Grey/Grey Blue/Dark Blue (II)

The collection in this issue is gray, excluding the keycaps that are only used for carriage return, esc or arrow keys with gray embellishments. The collection range is all gmk keycaps from 2013 to 2020. If there are any omissions, please add them in the comment area. (The ranking order is completely random)



  1.   GMK Burgundy R2
  1.   GMK Calm Depths
  1.   GMK Carbon R2
  1.   GMK HyperFuse Remix
  1.   GMK Metaverse
  1.   GMK Mint Dolch
  1.   GMK N6TU1-CR
  1.   GMK Necro
  1.   GMK Q:01
  1.   GMK Terminal R2
  1.   GMK Triumph Adler 90 TA90
  1.   GMK Violet Tendencies


  1.   GMK Blue Alert
  1.   GMK Classic Retro Cyrillic
  1.   GMK Coniferous
  1.   GMK Exent
  1.   GMK Hyperfuse Redux
  1.   GMK Miami Dusk
  1.   GMK Muted
  1.   GMK Ocean Dolch
  1.   GMK Red Honey Cyrillic
  1.   GMK Skidolcha
  1.  GMK Soware
  1.  GMK True Olivetti


  1.  GMK Classic Retro with GeekHack Pack KA 1953
  1.  GMK Classic Retro
  1.  GMK Dolch Reborn
  1.  GMK Hydro
  1.  GMK Keyboard & Co.
  1.  GMK Magenta Dolch Accent


  1.  GMK HyperFuse
  1.  GMK Red Alert
  1.  GMK Sky Dolch


  1.  GMK Charred Orange
  1.  GMK Dolch
  1.  GMK White Dark-Grey


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