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【GMK keycaps color classification】2013-2020 Purple

This article aims to help you find your favorite keycaps and learn excellent color matching and does not constitute any purchasing advice. The collection in this issue is purple, covering all gmk keycaps of gb from 2013 to 2020. If there are any omissions, you can add them in the comments. The ranking order is entirely random.


1.    GMK Alpine

Evaluation: Maybe it's a sunset, maybe it's a sunrise, maybe it's a quiet night, and the Alps reflect a faint purple. The author did not directly adopt the blue-white-gray color scheme that is common in snow, but instead used a low-saturation purple, which has a special flavor. Personality kit seems a bit sloppy. It is a good choice to match pc, silver, purple, and white kits.

2.    GMK Amethyst

3.    GMK Avanguardia

4.    GMK Black Lotus

5.    GMK Frost Witch

6.    GMK Future Funk

7.    GMK HyperFuse Origins R2

8.    GMK Mecha-01

The inspiration comes from the EVA Unit-01 in "Neon Genesis Evangelion."

9.    GMK Moon Dust

10.   GMK Rouge

11.   GMK Skeletor R2

12.   GMK Taro R2

13.   GMK Thai Tea


14.   GMK Analog Dreams

15.   GMK Bingsu

16.   GMK Darskel

17.   GMK Deep Space

18.   GMK First Love

19.   GMK Pulse

20.   GMK Vaporwave

21.   GMK Vice Nights

22.   GMK Violet on Cream


23.   GMK HyperFuse Remix

24.   GMK Phantom

25.   GMK Q:01

26.   GMK Tokyo Nights

27.   GMK Violet Tendencies


28.   GMK Accent Keys One

29.   GMK Iris


30.   GMK Hyperfuse Redux

31.   GMK Plum

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