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KeyGeak Keycaps Design

Keyboard Design Inspirations from The Doodle

Unveiling the Doodle Series: Where Art Meets Keys

In a world where every stroke tells a story, we proudly present our Doodle Series—a testament to the fusion of creativity and technology. This series was conceived with the belief that a keyboard is not just a tool but a canvas waiting to be adorned with the expressive energy of doodles.

Urban Expression: The Doodle Series is a celebration of urban expression, drawing inspiration from the vibrant street art that graces cityscapes around the world. Each keycap is a tiny piece of graffiti, bringing the dynamic and free-spirited vibe of the streets to your fingertips.

Minimalist Marvels: In the simplicity of black and white, we found a minimalist marvel that transcends time. The Doodle Series captures the essence of this minimalism, offering a sleek and sophisticated canvas where clean lines and bold strokes come together to create a visual symphony.

Inspired by Comics: The series draws inspiration from the world of black-and-white comics, where characters and narratives unfold in simple yet impactful illustrations. Each keycap is a frame, inviting you to engage in a visual storytelling experience as you navigate through your digital adventures.

Personalized Creativity: Your keyboard is an extension of your personality, and the Doodle Series empowers you to infuse it with your own brand of creativity. Whether you're a graffiti enthusiast, a comic lover, or someone who appreciates the beauty of minimalistic design, these keycaps allow you to personalize your workspace in a way that resonates with you.

Tech Meets Art: We believe that technology should be a canvas for art. The Doodle Series is a bridge between the digital and the artistic, turning your keyboard into a piece of functional art that elevates your daily interactions with technology.

Join the Doodle Revolution: The Doodle Series is an invitation to join the doodle revolution, where every key tells a story, and your keyboard becomes a platform for self-expression. Embrace the creative energy of the streets and the timeless allure of comics, creating a keyboard that not only reflects your style but also inspires the artist within.


Divided into vibrant color options and sleek black-and-white minimalistic designs. Inspired by urban street art, this series transforms your keyboard into a canvas. Whether you prefer bold colors or minimalist aesthetics, each keycap is a stroke of individuality, merging creativity with technology.

1. Comic Keycaps

Introducing our Doodle Series Keycap Set, crafted in PBT Cherry profile, drawing inspiration from black-and-white comics. Immerse your keyboard in the timeless allure of monochrome elegance, as each keycap features comic-inspired designs. 



2. Kindergarten Keycaps

Reminiscent of vibrant spray-painted artwork. Immerse your keyboard in the whimsical charm of a kindergarten setting, featuring a white backdrop adorned with playful, colorful graffiti. Each keycap captures the essence of creativity, mirroring the joyous spirit of children expressing themselves on blank canvas walls. The design aims to evoke a sense of youthful exuberance and the carefree energy found in a kindergarten atmosphere. 



3. Morse Code Keycaps

Each keycap is intricately designed to represent Morse code patterns, transforming your keyboard into a silent communicator. Embrace the elegance of simplicity as dots and dashes adorn your keys, offering a visually captivating and cryptic typing experience. Whether you're a Morse code enthusiast or seeking a sleek and minimalist design, these keycaps add a layer of intrigue to your keyboard. Elevate your communication style with Morse Code Keycaps, where every keystroke becomes a message in the language of dots and dashes.



 4. Childhood Keycaps

Designed with a minimalist black-and-white base, each keycap is adorned with delightful hand-drawn illustrations, capturing the essence of simplicity and innocence from childhood. This set is crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia, turning your keyboard into a canvas of cherished memories. 




 Copyrighted by Keygeak.

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