[Quantum X98] Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 3 Mode 98% Keyboards

$167.00 USD
$167.00 USD
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Switches: Blue Swtiches
Style: Sweet
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  • Would you recommend this keyboard for someone with hand tremors? On a regular keyboard I make key strokes I don't mean to.

    yes, we recommend

  • What plastic are the keys made of?

    These are PBT keycaps

  • I do not have a PC. Will I be able to use it with my laptop?

    Yes, it can be linked with laptop

  • How do I change the lights or turn them on?

    Press FN+PRINT to turn on/down and change the lights, for more information please check the instruction of the product page

  • How do I know it's charged

    Check the fourth indicator light. A steady red light indicates that it is charging, and the red light goes off when fully charged, for more information please check the instruction of the product page

  • Does this keyboard come with the extra keycaps, if I decided to update to a 100%?

    Yes, there will be totally 129 keys include

  • Can the keyboard connect to multiple devices at once?

    In Bluetooth mode, you can connect to three devices at the same time and switch between them.

  • Hello. What is the difference between brown, red or blue switches? Is it the sound?

    Hi! The main differences between brown, red, and blue mechanical keyboard switches are in their sound and feel. These switch types belong to different mechanical keyboard switch designs and have distinct characteristics.

    1. **Brown Switches**:
       - Sound: Brown switches are generally relatively quiet mechanical keyboard switches. When you press the keys, they produce a subtle "thock" sound, but it's relatively light.
       - Feel: Brown switches offer moderate resistance, requiring a moderate amount of force to press the keys. They are suitable for people who need to type but don't want to make much noise.

    2. **Red Switches**:
       - Sound: Red switches are also relatively quiet mechanical keyboard switches, without a noticeable "click" sound. Pressing the keys feels smooth and doesn't produce a distinct sound.
       - Feel: Red switches are very light, requiring a light touch to activate the keys. They are ideal for users who need to rapidly and continuously press keys, such as gamers.

    3. **Blue Switches**:
       - Sound: Blue switches are relatively loud mechanical keyboard switches. Pressing the keys produces a clear "click" sound, which some people enjoy, but others may find noisy.
       - Feel: Blue switches require a moderate amount of force, and they provide a noticeable tactile feedback. They are suitable for typists and users who appreciate a pronounced keypress feel.

  • Does this keyboard have lights? Will it work with mac?

    Yes, this keyboard has RGB lights and is applicable to MAC

  • Does the keyboard come assembled, or does it require assembly upon delivery?

    The keyboard comes assembled, please don't worry.

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