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【GMK keycaps color classification】2013-2020 Black

The color collected in this issue is black, excluding keycaps with black characters only, or only carriage return, esc, and direction keys decorated with black. The collection range is all gmk keycaps from 2013 to 2020. If there are any omissions, please feel free to comment in the comment area Replenish.


(Since the number of black keycaps is too large, and most of them have appeared in other color categories, this article will not evaluate)


(The GMK before 2017, both in terms of theme and color matching concept, are similar, and the number is not large, so it is recommended to skip it)


1.    GMK Aurora Polaris


2.    GMK Black Lotus


3.    GMK Black Mod Addon


4.    GMK Evil Dolch

5.    GMK Ishtar


6.    GMK Lux

7.    GMK Mecha-01

8.    GMK Metaverse R2

9.    GMK Midnight Rainbow

10.   GMK Noire

11.   GMK Prepress

12.   GMK Red Dragon

13.   GMK Spirit

14.   GMK Stealth

15.   GMK Sumi

16.   GMK Taro R2

17.   GMK ThinkCaps

18.   GMK Zhuyin



19.   GMK Darskel

20.   GMK Delta

21.   GMK Night Runner

22.   GMK Olivia++

23.   GMK Pulse

24.   GMK Sky Modo

25.   GMK Vice Nights

26.   GMK Wasabi

27.   GMK WoB Hangul Add-On

28.   GMK WoB Hiragana

29.   GMK WoB Icon Extension



31.   GMK Metaverse

32.   GMK Monochrome

33.   GMK Originative Japanese

34.   GMK Tokyo Nights


35.   GMK Demonic

36.   GMK Griseann GP

37.   GMK Exent

38.   GMK LedZep

39.   GMK Miami Nights

40.   GMK Originative Cyrillic

41.   GMK Signal


42.   GMK Black Modi

43.   GMK Keyboard & Co.

44.   GMK Originative

45.   GMK RGBYOD Modifiers


46.   GMK White on Black


This article aims to help you (including myself) find your favorite keycaps, learn excellent color matching, and does not constitute any purchasing advice.

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