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Small Keyboards-Numpads. When do we need numpads?

The keyboards allocation column, according to the proportion of the size of the keyboards, is divided into 100%, 80%, 75%, 60%, and 40%. These are the commonly used keyboards with columns.


For many people, a full-sized keyboard that has a dedicated num pad isn't absolutely, because not everyone constantly uses it and can get away with just using the number row, or even having them on another layer. So 80% of keyboards & 60% of keyboards are becoming more and more popular.

Because of the popularity of tiny keyboards, the use of num pads has become widespread. This does not affect the customer to buy a small keyboard, nor do you have to worry about the trouble caused by the lack of numeric keys.

Here is a video of a num pad kit we purchased. We did not choose to buy the full keyboard but decided to customize the kit. Because the customization process is exciting.

Accessories in videos:

Keyboard Kit: NT Pads

Switches: TTC Golden Pink/ TTC Silver/ TTC ACE/ Outemu Purple

Keycaps: Melgeek

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