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The Profile of Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps


1. CHERRY Profile, which is what we often call "original factory profile", means that the height of the keycaps is consistent with the keycaps used by Cherry, and its height from top to bottom is R1-R1-R2-R3-R4-R4, long time typing will be more comfortable.


2. MDA profile, the overall keycap height will be slightly higher than the Cherry keycap, and the contact area will be larger, which may be better in terms of hand feel (according to personal usage habits).

profiles-full3. OEM profile refers to the keycap produced by the non-original factory (OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer), which is higher than Cherry, and the arc is slightly larger than the Cherry. It is the most common in China.


4. ASA profile is slightly higher than that of OEM. It belongs to the category of spherical caps. The gradient of the keycaps is R4-R4-R3-R2-R1-R1.

5. OSA profile, the height will be higher than the ASA, the top is larger, the finger tapping is more comfortable, and the keycap gradient is R1-R2-R3-R4-R5-R5.


6. SA profile is almost twice as high as the Cherry. The shape is more rounded, the keycap has a large concave arc, and the contact area between the finger and the keycap is small. If you don’t use the wrist rest, it may be tiring.


7. MG profile, the height is a bit lower than the SA, and the contact area is smaller.

8. MIX profile is an improved version of the SA. The height is lower, the surface of the keycap is flatter, and the contact area between the keycap and the finger is larger. This is a less popular keycap, and it is more comfortable to use than SA, but it is best to use it with a wrist rest.


9. DSA profile is much lower than that of the SA. There is no difference in the height of R1-R4. All the keycaps have the same height, commonly known as a "flat keycap".


10. XDA profile is the first self-designed height in China. In addition to the mass production of OEM, this is the first keycap with an appearance patent. It is a short spherical cap improved from the DSA. All the keycaps are of the same height, which can bring a simple and high-end feeling like DSA.

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