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BPC Switches' Three Bottom Shells'Comparison

BCP axis: Black Cherry Pie

The original suture scheme: Upper cover: Cherry MX Black axis: Old NK Cream Bottom case: JWK H1

 [Because Cherry started to produce the HG black switch with the new logo of HyperGlide technology, it also began to use the new HG black axis cover for stitching (Cherry axis new and old problems, problems related to HyperGlide technology products can be searched for related articles, the Cherry switch used in this article The cover is the dismantling shaft of the keyboard since I purchased it in 2018. Later, I will discuss the problems related to the rebounding sound of the new logo HG black and the old logo MX black top cover); because Kailh's old version of NK Cream was discontinued, the latest version of Cream shaft was used later to sew; Because the H1 and F1 sold by JWK are basically the same, the bottom shell can be mixed]

 Targeted stitching solution for the new version of the original:

 Cover: Cherry HG Black        New version of NK Cream        Bottom case: JWK H1 (F1)

 The old and new original schemes mainly recommend the bottom shell material: composite PA

 1. List of comparison programs:Comparison-of-bottom-shells

2. List of switches used in this comparison:

JWK F1, JWK Ultimate Black (extreme black), JWK Nylon V2

Kailh KT Black, New Kailh NK Cream, Cherry HG Black, Cherry MX RedComparison-of-bottom-shells

3. block discussion:

①. Cherry HG and MX top cover

Left is HG, right is MX. The naked eye can see that HG has a relatively stronger graininess than MX. The top logo, "A" and the numbers on the back are slightly different; with the same new version of NK Cream switches, 62g double-ended extended spring, and JWK F1 bottom case, the sound is consistent when bottoming out.Axis-Comparison-of-shells

②. Four axes:

From left to right: JWK (the axes of the three JWKs are almost the same), Kailh KT Black, the new version of Kailh NK Cream, and Kailh Pro Switch Burgundy.

 Compared with the new version of Kailh NK Cream, Kailh KT Black is slightly longer (due to different batches or differences). The comparison of 5 Black and 5 Cream vernier calipers: the average length is about 0.1mm.

Kailh Pro Switch is longer than the former two. The diameter of the extended part is thinner, measured by a vernier caliper, it is 0.06mm longer than Black, and about 0.16mm longer than Cream. Because the extended part is thinner, the bottoming sound is louder and slightly more concentrated, and the sense of hearing is more "hard" (compared to the axis of the former two, after stitching: it may be more in line with the mainstream pursuit of the concentration of the extended bottoming sound, or it can be Similar to the Kaihuang axis of LEOBOG that is pre-sold today).

The axis center of the three shafts of JWK is the shortestAxis-Comparison-of-shells

4. Comparison of three kinds of JWK bottom shells:

 From left to right: JWK Nylon V2, JWK Ultimate Black (extreme black), JWK F1

 From the bottom shell style: Nylon V2 is more similar to F1, and Ultimate Black is another mold. The surface of the F1 bottom shell is basically smooth, followed by Nylon V2, and Ultimate Black is the roughest.

In the later comparison, under the same conditions, the sound of Ultimate Black is duller than that of Nylon V2 when bottoming out on the keyboard.Comparison-of-bottom-shells

5. Contrast after stitching:

 Suture shaft body and number as shown in the figureComparison-of-bottom-shells

The method used for stitching is as shown in the previous picture:Comparison-of-bottom-shells

Note: The following comparisons are based on the sound and feel when the shaft is on the keyboard, using a PC positioning board, PORON sandwich cotton, and ixpe8 magnification axis pad To eliminate the influence caused by the difference of the keyboard case, the above-mentioned assembled liner is placed on the sponge above 10cm (the sponge is tightly wrapped with cloth) for comparison.

Contrast ①②③:

In terms of sound: ①The loudest is the smallest, and the sense of hearing is dull; ②The loudness of ② is basically the same as that of ③, but the sense of hearing ② is duller than ③.

In terms of feel: from ① ② ③ in order, the feel of the axis touching the bottom is from soft to hard.

Contrast ④⑤⑥:In terms of sound: Nylon V2 ④ is the loudest, ⑤ is the second, ⑥ is smaller; in terms of hearing, ⑤ is the most boring, ④ is the second, and ⑥ is more brittle.

In terms of hand feeling: ④ ⑥ are basically the same, ⑤ is the softest

⑦ and ⑧:⑦ There is no axis bottoming feeling, ⑧ there is a relatively less obvious axis bottoming feeling, and the rustling feeling is slightly smaller than that of Cherry HG black switches.

Contrast ①②③④⑤⑥.

Sound: Loudness sorting (from large to small) ②=③>④>⑥>⑤>①;

Ranking of hearing sense (from crisp to stuffy) ③ ② ④ ⑥ ⑤ ①

In terms of feel: the axis touches the bottom (from hard to soft) ③=④=⑥ ② ⑤ ①

[About lubrication: 1. Since Cherry only uses the upper cover, there is no factory lubrication; Kailh's two shafts only have grease on the small feet of the shaft; JWK three models can only see obvious lubrication around the shaft, but obviously It does not belong to grease, it should be a dry film agent. 2.①-⑥Six main test shafts: Since JWK only uses the bottom case, use a cotton swab to wipe the guide rails and reeds that have dry film agent residue; Kailh only uses the shaft center to wipe off the grease on the small feet. The eight sutures also use Dupont 105 and 205, mixed at a ratio of about 3:4, to lubricate the rebound impact of the shaft cover; the guide rail of the bottom case, the bottom of the bottom case, the contact between the reed and the shaft center; around the shaft center, small feet, Lightly coat the extended shaft as a whole. 】

6. Summary

 In terms of the name, the BCP shaft has no suture method that is very close to it in terms of several suture materials from the same manufacturer. Originally, there were doubts about the pedigree theory, but the understanding after the test, while emphasizing the pedigree, also emphasized this unique sense of hearing and feeling, and there is no complete replacement.

 The sound of several samples cannot be close to the original ①, but except for ② and ③ which are too loud, the other sounds are in a more comfortable range, especially ⑤ has a better sense of hearing (due to the problem of the bottom shell mold compared with the bottom key travel of the shaft center) Nylon V2 is about 1mm long).

In terms of feel, there are almost no samples that are the same or even close to each other.

The Ultimate Black (extreme black) case is not a substitute for the F1 (H1).

Therefore: there is no replacement version of the original BCP axis.Comparison-of-bottom-shells

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