Small Keyboards-Numpads

Why choose numpads?

The keyboard allocation column, according to the proportion of the keyboard size, is divided into 100% , 80% , 75% , 60%, 40%. These are the commonly used keyboards with columns.

For many people, a full sized keyboard that has a dedicated numpad isn't absolutely, because not everyone constantly uses it and can get away with just using the number row, or even having them on another layer. So 80% keyboards & 60% keyboards are becoming more and more popular.

Because of the popularity of small keyboards, the use of numpads has become widespread. This does not affect the customer to buy a small keyboard, nor do you have to worry about the trouble caused by the lack of numeric keys.

Here is a video of a numpad kit we purchased. We did not choose to buy the full keyboard but chose to customize the kit. Because the customization process is very interesting.

Custom Numpad Video


Acessories in videos:

Keyboard Kit: NT Pads

Switches: TTC Golden Pink/ TTC Silver/ TTC ACE/ Outemu Purple

Keycaps: Melgeek

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