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Mechnical Keyboard-Newspaper

Keyboard Design Inspirations from The Music Series


Music, an omnipresent force, has always been a catalyst for creativity and innovation. From instruments to compositions, its influence permeates various realms of art and design. One such intriguing convergence is the inception of the music-inspired keyboard series. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the rhythmical world of these keyboards, shedding light on the inspirations drawn from musical elements and their profound impact on aesthetics and functionality. Join us as we unravel the symphonic story behind these captivating keyboards.

Hip Hop Music:

Inspired by hip-hop's vibrant spirit, this keyboard blends red for passion, blue for smooth vibes, yellow for optimism, and white for authenticity.As vibrant and dynamic as the genre itself, this keyboard celebrates the urban culture and diversity of hip hop. Expect bold colors and designs that radiate energy, passion, and authenticity.

Hip Hop Music Keyboardhip hop music keyboards

Electronic Music:

Drawing inspiration from electronic music, this keyboard showcases a striking color combination of black and cyan, perfectly embodying the essence of the electronic music experience.Perfect for the modern tech enthusiast, this design encapsulates the futuristic and synthesized vibes of electronic music. Sleek lines and neon undertones dominate, echoing the digital soundscape of this genre.

electronic music keyboardselectronic music keyboards

Classical Music:

Featuring a captivating color palette of brick red and orange, this keyboard captures the essence of classical music and its rich tapestry of emotions.Its striking design and warm color scheme evoke the majesty and depth of classical compositions, transporting you to a world of timeless beauty and artistic excellence.

classical music keyboardsclassical music keyboards

Jazz Music:

Featuring a refined color palette of taupe and light hues, this keyboard exudes elegance and captures the essence of jazz music.Its delicate design and muted color scheme reflect the nuanced beauty and subtle nuances found within the intricate harmonies and improvisations of jazz, reminiscent of the graceful movements of a jazz musician's fingers on the piano.

jazz music keyboardsjazz music keyboards

Rock&Roll Music:

This Mechanical keyboard is inspired by the "Rock&Roll".With a captivating blend of black and red hues. Channel the rebellious spirit of rock & roll with this keyboard design. Expect bold, raw, and rugged elements that reflect the genre's love for freedom and breaking conventions.

rock roll music keyboardsrock roll music keyboards


In conclusion, the 'Music-Series' keyboards aren’t just about tapping keys; they're about expressing one's musical soul with every keystroke. Whether you’re a rocker at heart or a classical maestro, there’s a keyboard here that resonates with your musical spirit.

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