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Customize Keyboards Guideline

Why don't we choose to buy a normal keyboard? Convenient and easy to operate. Customized keyboards cost more, but why still do many people choose to customize keyboards?

This article will fully describe the customized keyboards, in addition to the basic knowledge of the case, layouts, keycaps, switches, etc., there is also some keyboard sharing.

What is the customized keyboard?

Obviously, it is to customize the keyboard according to customer needs. What is the difference between a customized keyboard and a standard keyboard?

Most keyboards look like this, pictured below:(LOGI K845)
Also, there are some exaggerated keyboards, pictured below:(ROG GK2000)
Like big brands of mass-produced keyboards, the quality, workmanship, and details must be really good, but because it is mass-produced, it is not so individual, and the styles are similar.
60% Layout keyboard (MelGeek MOJO60)
80% Layout Keyboard (Keyboard Kit-FL·ESPORTS Keycap set-Keygeak)
Not only the keyboard but there are also nice keycap sets. We can also match them by ourselves. Like modifying a four-wheel drive?lol

How to choose keyboard accessories?

A. Case

First of all, appearance is sure to catch the eye. There are many types of cases. In terms of materials, there are mainly acrylic and transparent plastic materials such as PC.


(Keyboard kit- TXkeyboard EO87| Keycaps-GMK Bento)
(Keyboard-CoolKiller CK75)
There are also metals such as aluminum alloy, all copper, and even titanium alloy, which are more difficult to process. Of course, there is also wood, which is easy to process but has few color options, so the price is generally not too expensive.
The advantage of plastic materials is that they are light-transmitting, and I personally prefer matte textures; the disadvantages are that the sound is relatively brittle.
Aluminum alloys are more common because they are easy to process, and the better ones use 6-series aluminum. The more complex the design, the more difficult it is to process, and the more expensive it will be.
The surface process is divided into the most common anodic oxidation, electrophoresis, rare micro-arc oxidation, powder spraying, baking paint, electroplating, ceramic oxidation (coating, such as Matrix Abel)
Among them, the color of anodized treatment has a metallic luster, and the texture is great, but if it is poorly done, the color will fade, that is, off-anodization, but it can also be solved by "Chongyang (re-anodized)".
The electrophoretic color is pure and the paint surface is firm, but there are not many colors to choose from, and quality control is also required. Generally, you need to pay more to choose the ones with high process costs.
The metal casing has a good texture, but it is afraid of bumps, and defective kits generally lose a lot of prices.
A well-known brand is PERCENT Studio, whose canoe is very popular.
Matrix LAB is not only brilliant in design, but their anodizing and coating process is also T0 level.
Author: HarryZhang Revised: zFrontier
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